Monday, 1 May 2017

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Humour

After death a man reached at heaven gate. There he met Chitra Gupta 

Chitra Gupta : You have to answer a question after that you can enter.

The man: What's that?

Chitra Gupta : You have to spell a word. In case you fail, you will be taken to Hell.

The man: Which word?

Chitra Gupta : "Love"

The man: Okay, it's "L-O-V-E"

Chitra Gupta : Correct! Come inside.

As he was about to enter in heaven Chitra Gupta's mobile rang.

Chitra Gupta : God is calling me for some urgent work, I have to go for a minute. You please keep eyes on the gate until I come back.

The man: Okay, for sure.

 Chitra Gupta : Please, ask the same question if anybody comes here in my absence, if they reply with the correct spelling you can let them enter in heaven, otherwise send them to Hell from the other gate.

The man: I'll obey.

Just after Chitra Gupta  left, the man saw a lady coming towards him.

 *She was his wife.*
The man asked: Hey Leela,how you reached here?

Leela : After your death when I was going back to home from the cemetery, a bus hit me and I found myself here.Now you move aside and let me in.

The man: No, as per rules here, you must spell a word correctly to enter in heaven, otherwise you will be taken to hell from that other gate, the man replied.

Leela: Which word?

The man: "Czechoslovakia"

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