Saturday, 20 May 2017

Re: [ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ THE WHOLE TRUTH

Wrong... I was a Muslim. I am an atheist now. I read quran. Those people are doing exactly what is said in Quran. 

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A Hindu family was travelling in a vehicle. A
terrorist stopped the vehicle, pointed an automatic weapon
at the head of the family and asked - 
"which religion do you follow? "
The elder replied 
"we are  Muslims......"
The terrorist asked him to recite a verse from the  Koran.....
The elder recites a verse......
The terrorist said - you may proceed....
The terrorist let the family pass through without  harming them.....
When the Hindu family went some distance, the wife of
the elder gent asked him, 
"you recited a verse from the Bhagwad Gita, 
then how did he let us off ?"
To this, the elder replied......"if he had read
the Koran, he would not have become a

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