Sunday, 25 October 2015

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Patel Bhai

A British guy walks into a bar in New Jersey and before he could order his drink, he notices an Indian man wearing a Gandhi Topi & Dhoti...

Having a personal grudge against Indians, the British guy says loudly to the American bartender to the advantage of everyone seated in the bar, "Drinks for everyone in here, except for the Indian over there..."

The first round of drinks were served, and the Indian gives him a smile, gestures to him saying, "Thank you!" in a loud voice.

The British guy is upset and again orders loudly to the American bartender to serve another round of drinks to everyone except the Indian.

The Indian seems to be unruffled and he continues to smile, and yells back, "Thank you Sir!"

The British guy is mad by now and asks the bartender, "What's wrong with this Indian ? I've insulted him by ordering drinks for everyone but him, and yet he smiles back and keeps thanking me. Has he lost his mind?"

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"No, Sir," replies the bartender. "He is Patelbhai.. the owner of this Bar..."

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