Monday, 26 October 2015

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PM Modi returns his CNN IBN "Indian of the year" award, says he himself is scared under his own rule

Now even PM Modi has joined the bandwagon of intellectuals and men and
 women of letters returning prestigious awards to protest against rising intolerance
 under his regime. Modi has done so by returning the CNN-IBN "Indian of the year", 
awarded to him in 2015 by the regime of regimes, Reliance.

In a strongly worded letter to CNN-IBN owner Mukesh Ambani, Modi made known his stand:
Dear Mukesh bhai,
With profound regret, I have to inform you that I am returning the "CNN-IBN Indian of the year"
 awarded to me in 2015. I am given to believe that I was bestowed this honour for my yeomen 
contribution to satire and literature with my vintage 'Shehzada' barbs and digs at UPA.

But what use is such an honour when people are being killed because of their
 dietary preferences under your watch? Even I don't feel safe anymore. Then what about ordinary Indians? 
As Chairman of Reliance, and therefore the most powerful person in the country, doesn't it
 behove you to clamp down on such incidents?

So as a recipient of your prestigious award, it becomes incumbent on me to return it in
 protest against the spread of communal poison under your regime. Moreover, the decision to
 give me the award, I am told, was taken by Sagarika and Rajdeep. 
So I am returning it under even greater protest.
Narendra bhai
PS: Was Rajdeep high on Old Monk when he nominated me for the award? :P

Modi later heaved a sigh of relief after for finally managing to take a forceful stand.
 "Phew, I was under a lot of pressure to voice my opinion on rising intolerance. But
 the thing is I am worse than Dr Manmohan Singh when it comes to talking about such issues,"
 a visibly relieved Modi told The UnReal Times. "Then it struck me, that I too am a man of
 letters with a prestigious award to my name. So why not simply return it in protest."

Modi's act of one-upmanship has evoked howls of protest from Sahitya Akademi winners.
 "We now have no option but to take back our awards to protest against Modi's protest," 
an outraged Nayantra Sahgal fumed.
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