Wednesday, 21 October 2015

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Barriers of Real Happiness

Dear Brother,
From Islamic perspective, Following are the barriers of Real Happiness:

1- Disbeleif in Allah
if someone is doing bad, he/she will get its return. however we start taking everything too much personally and plan taking revenge from others.

2- Performing Sins and Crimes
Knowing clearly what are haram and halal acts we dont care and do sins. Our definition of Haram is only limited to Food whereas it covers earning halal, speaking,  listening, and every matter of life.

3- Being Envy and Jealous
Allah has the wisdom. If he gives something to someone we should not think bad about it instead be open heart.

4- Bad Niaat (Ill Will)
Most of our acts are to please others... Our sole intention should be please Allah. if we are doing good to others, we should do it for the sake of Allah.

5- Anger
Being angry eats of peace of mind

6- Unjust to others
Being unjust takes the barakah away from our lives. Treating others rigthfully, respectfully makes of Lord happy and eventually we get mental peace.

7- Greed of Wordly Powers
This world is going to be finished. Love of materials steals the peace. We should spend more and try not to be greedy.

8- Being Suspicious and Being Pessimistic
Being positive and clear in our thoughts is extremely important for happiness.

9- Too much being concerned about others and doing Gheebat
 Minding our own business makes our mind free from unnecessary thinking so we can focus on positive and constructive things...

If we focus on these 9 areas then we can have peace of mind and inner happiness.

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