Thursday, 19 February 2015

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ WHEN PAKISTAN LOST AGAINST INDIA


This clearly shows ANGER.  
That is our worst enemy.  
Always be humble, sober, soft talker, no ego, upset, stress, sarcastic remarks, 
let down, proud, jealous, grudge, no concern, dirty game, stealing, 
bad intention, cheating, unkind, mercy less, n many more can destroy 
our life in many ways. What is written in our destiny is not going 
to change. We know ( If wishes  is going to be a horse then 
beggars wants to ride. )  we have to move according to TIME. 
The rest leave in the hands of God.  He is provider n care taker. 
So why to create all this above negative thought in our mind. 
Then We regret n be sorry. Then it is too late. We cannot go back. 
Just like stone, arrow,  and words. 
Life is full of excitement, an attachment and no patience to 
wait and see 4 a minute. Things turn opposite and we get so 
sad 4 the unwanted result. Share this moment after the cricket 
match on Sunday at Australia and Pakistan lost see the concise 
quince very bad. Don't adopt the incident. Be away from above 
comment. That is key to be happy n peace of mind. 
When We don't follow the negative stuff  regards K.B.  

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