Monday, 23 February 2015

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Dear, All Google friend,

I am very happy but I am not happy in daily during eating,

I am very glad when I see my child or family with enjoy

But I am not happy when I see same not others,

I am very happy when all opportunity got in all necessary requirements,

But I am not happy while a family with child bagging in road,

I am very crying when I have remember of passing /death nearest person   

But I am not crying for any others who has no body in this world after war or country voilance,SYRIA,LIBIYA,IRAK,SOMALIYA,ETHEOPIA,UGANDA,BERMA,ETC.

Oh my god please advice to people who will be our nearest neigh our in this beautiful world & when.

I am very cheap guy to say that when I see any one in my nearest innocent people to encourage & help to alive them with out struggles. Never feeling you are poor. And I send to them some organization where are provided some facility for people by charity.

Let us start to go together every people if do this kind of job so many people live will be save

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You are absolutely right brother

On 23 Feb 2015 16:14, "Manirul" <> wrote:

Hello!!!!!! H r u ??/?????

Dear friend last 20 years of my gulf experience what I see of west food or through out excess food and in according to gulf Muslims prince or all rich man

In proper way if distribute the Zakat or sadakah money to all poor people .i think no body will be any poor man in this world.SO we can say them at morning HELLO ?????????   

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