Sunday, 24 March 2013

[KM] Keep_Mailing why r u angry, talk to me!!!!

Are you angry with me????

Why are you so quiet, come close

Why are you angry, please don't be

What ever is in your heart, just say it openly

Don't keep it in your heart

Cute couples. ^_^ - love Photo

Don't know why you got angry on me

  Maybe Unintentionally I made some mistake

 Just tell me what wrong have I done

 Then punish me in whatever way, i will accept it


Cute couples. ^_^ - love Photo

Say something, don't be quiet, don't torment me so

 Why are you quiet, come closer

 When you laugh , this atmosphere also seems to smile

 The flowers blossom, the whole era seems to hum away

<3   - love Photo

When you laugh, all the stars shine

 my heart shines with glitter and joy

 Look, don't ever cry, Don't make me cry



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