Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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14 Reasons Why Baby Powder is Not Just for Babies

As our babies grow up, we tend to forget the good old baby powder in the 
cupboard and not give it a second thought. Baby powder is mainly used for 
preventing diaper rash and as a deodorant. This is a total waste, since baby powder 
is actually incredibly useful!

Here are a few examples:
1. Keep ants away – Ants hate the smell of baby powder, so use it wherever you see them forming an ant line. They won't cross it.
Baby   Powder Uses

2. Absorb oily stains – simply cover the stain with baby powder, let it absorb the oil and then put it in the laundry.
Baby Powder Uses

3. Greasy hair – Similar to the oily stains, baby powder can absorb the natural oil our bodies secretes, 
so sprinkle some on your hands, run it through your scalp and let it sit for a bit before a shower.
Baby Powder Uses

4. Keep washing gloves fresh – Sprinkle some baby powder into your gloves after you're done with the dishes.
 It'll absorb the moisture and prevent mold, plus it makes it easier to put them on next time.
Baby Powder Uses

5. Remove sand from your body – Going to the beach? Pack a small bag of baby powder with you and 
rub it on your feet when you leave the beach. The sand will come off with ease.
Baby Powder Uses

6. Keep your bed cool – On a hot summer's night, put some baby powder between the sheets. 
It will absorb sweat and moisture in the air and keep the bed cool.
Baby Powder Uses

7. Stop hardwood floors from creaking – Pour baby powder on the floor and sweep it into the cracks. 
This will prevent the noise-creating friction and you'll be able to enjoy the silence once more.
Baby   Powder Uses

8. Sweaty feet – Putting some baby powder in your shoes absorbs the odors and sweat, 
keeping your shoes fresh and odorless.
Baby Powder Uses

9. Keep furniture from getting musty – A little baby powder in drawers and old furniture helps
 prevent furniture from building up mold due to moisture.
Baby  Powder   Uses

10. Tangled jewelry – Got a knot of necklaces? Put some baby powder in there and 
start untangling it. You'll be amazed how much easier it is!
Baby Powder Uses

11. Cards stuck together? – Throw them in a bag with baby powder, shake well and
 see how easy it is to separate them now.
Baby   Powder Uses

12. Kitty-litter freshener – The cat's sandbox smells? Sprinkle baby powder in there after 
scooping it and it will do wonders for reducing the smell.
Baby Powder   Uses

13. Keep pests away from bulbs – If you're doing some garden work, consider coating flower bulbs 
with a little powder. It will deter pests.
Baby Powder  Uses

14. Stop that chaffing – Before going on a jog or power-walk, put some baby powder between your thighs. 
It will reduce the chaffing considerably.
Baby Powder Uses
It's important to remember that baby powder is usually composed of talc (also known as "talcum powder").
 Talcum powder is harmful if inhaled since it may cause aspiration pneumonia or granuloma.

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