Saturday, 25 February 2017

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Some Jokes - Enjoy

The sexy secretary comes angrily out of Boss's cabin..  ♨

Staff asked:
What happened?
He asked me : Are you free tonight?  ��

I said yes !  
The rascal gave me 60 pages to type!!!

------------------------------ ---------------

Shocking introduction at a party...

One man to another ..
Meet my wife Tanya ..

2nd one : ya, I know her.

1st one : how..?

2nd one : We were caught many a times sleeping together.

1st one : What??? Angrily.. What the hell you are talking..??

2nd one : During lectures in science & history classes.
We were classmates.����
------------------------------ ----------  

 Police: Are you married?
Pappu: Yes, with a woman.
Police angrily : Of course! Did you even hear of anyone marrying a man?
Pappu: Yes, my sister did....!!!����

--Signboard outside a..
 PATHOLOGY Clinic-- 

For you it may be your Urine & Potty...
for us, it is our Dal & Roti...!!!

------------------------------ ----------------
One day I asked my Heart......

What is love ?

Heart Replied:

Dekh bhai apna kaam blood supply karna hai...! syllabus ke baahar ka mat pucch.....����

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