Saturday, 31 May 2014


DEAR ALL...............>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> INDIAN
                 Yes ladies and gentlemen ---This is a part of your great India.

                                             Have a nice day friends.

I m the witness of as a Indan, it would be a  1000 question to you from my heart  reply. When i was under 19th i was a very bad skill sports man and student class 5th to 12th class,on my time every year i have recieved 3 prizes in RUNNING,SHOTPUT,LONGJUMP.(school,BLOCK ZONE,DIVISONONAL,SUBDIVISIONAL).but my best game is fotball.I play in forward striker.but my family all we are 6persons fathers three brothers,and my three brothers as a best players in our divisional as known every body when you scearching for go to my house or address.

However i m from calcutta at that time CHEEMA OKERI( Nijerian Player)  was playing in MD Sporting Club 1985.First time my 2nd brother was playing in MD Sporting club A group.I was in MOURI GRAM HOWRAH team.only we r collecting there so many man of the match prize, one time i have recieved from cheema okeri hand .

unlucky, when we saw any players ambition of indian famous his life time in TV, we r very unhappy and laughing that time.may be in hour house family every body never think this is our best prizes have to keep in care fully.MORE THAN 500 shield and prizes was there.and include for house glass,disc,cup,judge,big water jug silver,alum,copper also,so many thinks still breaking hour heart to drops in eye,we never got a chance to reached our dream  as a national man.You know when i went Delhi stay with an IPS oficer house,he tried to play with me,that he found me a frindly match in JJ Park against of AFGANISTAN i had a onegoal.i was only 20ya ears,and another match i got man of the match from Police Commisioner of Delhi  in KORDOL BUG stadium.Next time i had play in Mumbai Azad Maidan Zimcorbat Zimkhana &,Mahindra n mahindra both club friends very interested to play with them but,at  that time i was very busy to go abroad bcoz of pressure me,my  brothers and fathers to income as early as possible too much money.Before having our very good condition.Long time our family was running way in sports then financially weak ness make dicision to go for another way.So now here in Abroad.

Oh, sorry i was a very bad student in my life time never 2d places,scholership 3 time try one time clas 8th i have it in my name.becoz now dughters,son both are in best r education with out any tution or guider.Daughter hand writting is the wonderful when she was only UKG3rd.She recieved award for best hand writting better than me andher artist also in drawing,dancing,speaking.i dont know how she got it in naturally.i will send u later the picture,Embassy teacher said during test no one our teacher can writting same like this he challengd.She is specialist in ENGLISH and ARABIC. so can you imazine.all i kept in my heart &  soul in many many loving to my family and God to given me this kind of happy and joy fully life.

''PLease please i m praying/secrifice to our God who is given me this part of a life for being a happy in life time,to be provided all those people who are waiting long time and after divorce,marraige  never getting happy with family child,,,,,,,,,,,, a man never can  go to heaven with out satishfied his neighbour.....'''''

Why i say you my lourney of life bcoz i know very well about CALCUTTA,DELHI MUMBAI,KERALA,and some thing Chennai better than you.I have  a prooved in my witness.  Next having good message for all you.   

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