Thursday, 1 June 2017

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A man went to a dhaba run by a Kaka and ordered a fulltandoori chicken. When the bird was placed before him, he asked, 'How is it that the chicken is short of one leg?''
      The dabha owner replied, ''Aap nay chicken khanna hai, yaiskey saath dance karna hai? (You want to eat it or dance with it?)
This anecdote is about political parties employing goondasto rig polls. The goonda fraternity had its own under cover identifications to establish its political credentials. The police got a wind of it. So when it arrested four hoodlums they were ordered to stand in the line.
       ''Raise your dhothy,'' ordered the police officer.
   The first man had a red langoty. ''Lock him up. He is a communist.''
    The second wore a green langoty. ''Lock him up, he is a Majlis Ittehad-E-Musalmeen.''
     The third had a saffron underwear. ''Lock him up, he is BJP.''
      The fourth who didn't have any underwear, explained his nudity as ''an independent without political affiliations.''      
  He was set free.
   Moral: do not wear langotis till elections are over.

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