Monday, 12 June 2017

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ HIGHLY QUALIFIED

Highly Qualified 

The company personnel department had carefully interviewed thirty-eight people for the job of assistant to the financial director. 

The chief executive thought that one candidate - Rama Rao- seemed ideal. Rao had been to a major public school. Not only was he a qualified accountant, but Rao also had a masters degree in business administration. He seemed fully aware of the latest creative accountancy techniques. 

'Mr.Rao,' said the chief executive, we've decided to offer you the job. And as you're so well qualified we've decided to start you off on a  higher salary than the one advertised. We'll pay you 6,00,000 Rs.per year. 

'Thank you,' replied Rao. 'But how much is that per month?'

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