Saturday, 28 November 2015

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Why people are interested a GOOD TERM & CONDITION for a Ideal Root.

Being a part of Human Life always needed so many resources for good life & good time to continue. But some time there is un responsible & miss understanding to make it many thinks bad correspondence. Then so many things is naturally true link with our life as a preventive action to remove or correction our heart & mind for a better relationship  each others.

Yesterday when I was collecting some documents, papers, end of every years updating (PP.VISA.TICKT, ID, ETC expire) my child is asking me father why are you arranging this un neseccery old papers.

Then I realized we have to proved them & asked to my child why are you keeping the clipped (dress holder) in a box. Let them as it is. Child replies Father it is required tomorrow for again to use it. So how long can you use it? Child replied until unable it.

So you need ever time used to make it good packing & keeping. Yes we respect them & we make good term & condition for future required. Many way you will be face for your good  ideal root if you follow & respect the same accordingly the cheaters provide us the life, Day night, Hot & cold, food,water,air,etc. Never being say that all every thing in your hand & control to ignore any others. Never being said that all problems happening are by some body. It is also by God.       

So I have a option when I go pray to God 5 time a day then I admit my whole Ego. Proud, Greatness, Bad knowledge, bad think all kind of human knowledge to request avoid that's all feeling  to be remove from me & all others. Please make me & others persons as a real human kindness to do some thing Good Term & Condition for future.









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