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[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ RE: :: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Top 35 Life Lessons - From Mother to Daughter

I like it, very useful for me.


35 Lessons to Pass On 

To Your Daughter


1.  Don't give someone a "hammer" to hit you over the head with: -------  

I found many things are common in our family life. There is some tricks for our guide please be here what happened with me,,,,,21th century.  All parents having a dream about his child future one of them we are here. How what when while we have done so many things is past, could not correction at child hood life mistake. My daughter two sons are three of them.

XYZ in my co family friends who is with me here in abroad last 18 years, They have children all of them. X family from India his daughter & my daughter same 7th STD studying Abroad & India. X family daughter still does not go to school or Madarsa up to now. He told that he has some personal problem. Long time he invites me & I accept to attend to knew how his daughter happy there. After meet my daughter in minutes they are a good friend and to happy play each others. During dinner I saw his daughter arranging all things very sincerely as trained work. But during dinner we are all together start but accept his daughter. He is inside the room alone but X son seat with us. I told to friend please called to your daughter where is she? But I force & I found x daughter very interested to seat near with my daughter. But I noticed that x family are not at all interested to free his daughter one minutes to play with my daughter. Then I investigate that same place In India by another's 2/3 friend that story he replied & I surprised. He said x family places 90% family are uneducated because what is the benefit after school study all girls have to be work at last kitchen (money waist).This is true story when I have seen the KBC host by A.BACHAN Andhra Pradesh one lady school teacher is selected for this program. Big B all story focusing by reporter & to wards all question of his husband & Father in Law. ALL They Replied. That lady win 2500,000Rs by very easy question to get that.

Today I saw to my X friend some text of my daughter came last month after vacation then he request please share me this text to show my daughter to inspiration for her study. This week she will be start Arabic school study.

Please believed me in my  time  of study my mother language ( no English) & 1 to 10th  STD  I never seen 2nd roll no and I have two scholarship at 6th & 8th. And for my children never needed any advisor or extra tuition for home work and I never forced to study one day beating by me up to now they are more intelligent than me writing & reading.

Because my son is more good friend than his any others out door. When I question them they very quickly interested to reply me. Due to I have an always question is jokes & who will give the right answer he will get his choice dinner/food.

One Y family having four children for them education one Y family (father) used hot green chilly rubbing in the eye due to no good remind or good result in school. Where is I have found his mother & fathers was very bad student and no good result during education. So they should not hope a best result as no.1 position. Y family belongs to KERALA. It is happened in front of me.




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