Wednesday, 25 November 2015

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Mother Cow Continues to search for it's kid - A Real Incidence

One day a cow and its calf were moving on a road and a bus came along speeding, and its calf was unfortunately caught under it, a Karnataka state transport bus - causing the death of the calf. You won't believe the fact that from that day onwards, whenever that particular bus comes at the exact spot on the road, the mother cow stops it physically, and seems to search for its kid. It has continued for many days. KSRTC officials, at their wits end, changed the color of the vehicle and even suspended its services for many weeks 
Surprisingly the story continued and that mother cow continues searching for its kid. (watch video). It must have thought that the calf is hidden inside or under the bus. And as of last reports, has not stopped its attempts to seek  its offspring!

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