Thursday, 17 September 2015

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A beggar entered into a foreign country (island) where he was resting under a tree. The people of the island were looking for a person to be their king. The priests in the island arranged for an elephant in the temple to carry a garland and whoever is garlanded by the elephant would be the king. The elephant chose the beggar and garlanded him and he became the king. He was quiet happy to see the opulent palaces with all arrangements for nice arrangements and everyone at his beck and call. At that time an old man came to him and said, "See young man, the rule of this island is that you can be the king here only for 5 years. After this, the people will send you to an unmanned island which is far from here. This same fate happened to all kings who were selected before you. So all of the enjoyment you have here is temporary." The king became shocked and enquired,"What happened to those kings who were sent to that island?". The old man replied, "There is lot of wild animals in that island. So they might have killed them. Same will be your fate after 5 years." The king was scared and asked the old man what to do. The old man said, "Please rule the kingdom to the best of your ability and at the same time start doing developments in that island where you will be sent after 5 years. In these 5 years the people will listen to you and carry out whatever you say. Please utilize it. Ensure that the island is a perfect place to live by that time. I instructed the same thing to the previous kings. No one listened to me and they wailed away the 5 years enjoying the kingly life. At least you don't repeat that mistake." The king took this instruction seriously and he first sent a batch of soldiers to clear out the forest area and fence it. Then in the second year he sent workers to the island to construct a beautiful township with all facilities. Then in the next year he sent farmers to create fields and growing crops. In the next year he sent a good number of people to live there. In this way he was making constant developments in the unmanned island. As expected, the people expelled the king and send him to the unmanned island. But by this time, the island was a beautiful township and many people were waiting to receive him. The king just landed their and started his new life happily thanks to the old man's advice. 

In this story we can see that the king utilized his temporary tenure very wisely under the guidance of the old man. In the same way after attaining the human form of life, one should make this spiritual investment under the guidance of the pure devotees of the Lord, since the human body with all the senses and faculty of advanced intelligence is very suitable for God realization. When they're in good working condition if we engage them in devotional service, we can accrue permanent spiritual assets which can take us back to the Lord's eternal abode.

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