Saturday, 24 August 2013

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CLICK!!!!               Russia - Moscow and The Golden Ring


Russia - Moscow and The Golden Ring
Thanks for sending: Graham Sowerby /  New Zealand
This is a wonderful Collection of photos of all around Russia.


To my friends in Israel, the USA, and elsewhere,


I am sharing here a photography presentation, part of the crop from my trip to Russia 9 months ago.     

It "covers" Moscow and "The Golden Ring", which is a ring of towns in the countryside that played

historically a significant role in the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church and thus the Russian



Russia - Moscow and The Golden Ring


This particular presentation ("album") is actually located on my Google+ site.


(To my friends who may be interested: Feel free to further forward the links to whoever you wish.)


The best way to watch this presentation is in full screen. - That's because the available pixels can

easily support it and the captions accompanying many of the photos are spread then across the bottom

of the screen. -Manual advancing of the photos is better.



See you all,


Jair (Yair) Moreshet








Lady  Sonia Medeiros



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