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How To Get Rid Of Insects? 

Methods that do not kill but get rid of ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches:

Ants don't like sour things, mosquitoes don't like spices and cockroaches don't like fragrant things.


To keep away ants, squeeze fresh lemon juice on where they'll be passing, and also wipe the lemon slices on that surface.

Mosquitoes do not like spice. bury garlic under flowerbeds and clean dead leaves, and keep the area clean.

Cockroaches do not like fragrance. Cut small pieces of soap, put them in a bottle with water, and put the bottle in a cupboard where you want to keep out cockroaches. After several days, they will be all gone and your cupboard will even smell good.

You do not need to kill mosquitoes: dissolve Vitamin C and B2 in water, wipe the water on your skin, and the scent will drive the mosquitoes away. 
Put up orange coloured curtains, or orange plastic wrap around a bulb. Mosquitoes are afraid of orange light, and they will be gone. 

Hang up a bunch of spring onions, and use gauze to wrap up the green sections of the onions, and there will be no more mosquitoesPutting a pot of Lilies, Milans, Roses, or Evening Primroses in your room will work too. 

To drive away cockroaches, you can put pieces of cucumber where you want to keep them away.

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