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Re: ***keep_mailing*** Queen of Holland - Story with Lesson

n'ce story...please tell this story atleast 10 children each one so future generation can learn to respect and treat everybody equally'
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A distinguished lady, noted for the fine family from which she came, was once presented at the court of the Queen of Holland. Later, the wife of a minor government official asked her how she happened to know the proper way to behave, before a queen.

"I really didn't know," the woman replied. "But I have only one set of manners and I use them all the time." We should have one set of manners, too. We should always be gentle, kind and most of all, loving.

Treat the rich and the poor, the attractive and the unattractive all the same, because each is a reflection of God Himself. And how you treat them, is a reflection of what kind of a person you are!

M Junaid Tahir

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