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Top 5 celebrity Personal Islands



When billionaires and millionaires already have everything, anything your heart desires, occurs is the time to buy your own island.

Note: For ease of reading area of the islands was measured in football fields. In the area of a football field derived values of 10 800 square meters - maximum allowable area of the norms FIFA.

Hawaiian Paradise Director Oracle

Cost: $ 500-600 million
Area: 39,000 football fields
Use: tourist industry
Location: Hawaii (USA), Pacific Ocean.
Executive Director, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison loves the good life. Why are only $ 100 million, attached to them in winning the America's Cup regatta or yacht "Rising Sun", which is but it is rumored to have sold for $ 300 million Now, Allison seems to have broken the record, having bought Lanai - one of the most expensive private islands in the history of (However, for a person with a fortune of $ 36 billion is mere pennies). The purchase price 98% of the island has not been disclosed, but observers estimate the value of a piece of land with two prestigious resorts and golf courses in the half-billion dollars.

"New Holland" Roman Abramovich

Investment: $ 365 million
Area: 7 soccer fields
Use: Development
Location: St. Petersburg
The artificial island of New Holland appeared between the Moika River in the era of Peter I after construction. Until the 2000s, it housed warehouses of the Leningrad Naval Base. In 2004, the Ministry of Defence handed over the island city two years later won the competition for the reconstruction of the company Shalva Chigirinsky and Igor Kesaev. Partners plan to invest $ 1 billion in the island, but their plans to prevent financial difficulties. In autumn 2010 to re-contest won by Roman Abramovich, LLC "New Holland Development", which has committed to invest in the reconstruction of 12 billion rubles ($ 365 million at current exchange rates) until 2017. Investors are going to build an area of ??7.8 hectares of museums, exhibition centers, cultural centers, and restore the architectural appearance of the "New Holland".

Scorpios Greek Onassis clan

Cost: $ 125-200 million
Area: 12 football fields
Usage: Leisure Owners
Location: Ionian Sea, Greece
Greek Aristotle Onassis may be called trendsetters in fashion for the purchase of the islands. The rich owner purchased the island Skorpios just east of Lefkada Greece back in 1963. Five years later he became a place of marriage of Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy - widow of the 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Currently, the island belongs to the granddaughter of Greek tycoon Athena Onassis. According to rumors, the owner appears there is quite rare, and the island may be for sale. Among the potential buyers at different times, called the Emir of Qatar, Roman Abramovich, Microsoft owner Bill Gates, Madonna and fashion designer Giorgio Armani. None of them, apparently, have not yet bought Scorpios. This is not surprising: according to various estimates, the cost of the island ranges from $ 125 million to $ 200 million

Eco Island, Richard Branson

The total cost of purchasing and investment: more than $ 120 million
The total area of 84 football fields
Use: Tourist Industry
Location: Mosquito and Necker Island - British Virgin Islands, Karbiskoe sea Makepeace Island - Australia 61-year-old founder of Virgin's Richard Branson bought his first island - Necker - when he was 28. Currently, the island is open to visitors. In 2003, Branson purchased Makepeace tiny island in Australia, which is shaped like a heart. It was planned that there will be a rest employees Virgin, but now the island is accessible to the public (A company of 22 people renting will cost up to $ 17,000 per night). In 2007, the entrepreneur has acquired Mosquito Island in the vicinity of Necker, which set out to equip the "eco-resort" with 20 villas and a restaurant, which feed exclusively from solar and wind energy. The island is home to rare species of lizards - geckos dwarf. Also, the businessman said the plans provide far lemurs who are languishing in captivity at the "Big Land" - an initiative that criticized a number of environmentalists.

Magic of David Copperfield Island

The cost of purchase: $ 50-65 million
The total area of ??187 football fields
Use: tourist industry
Location: The Bahamas, Atlantic Ocean
The richest of the planet illusionist David Copperfield bought four islands in the Exuma Ridge in 2006. Place of purchase chosen by chance: Copperfield says that before buying, he traced the two lines connecting the locations of the four wonders of the world - the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, Stonehenge and the stone statues on Easter Island. In one of the islands discovered Copperfield "fountain of youth" water which, according to the owner, are able to return to the life of dried leaves and half-dead insects. Check it out - rent the island will cost you about $ 400,000 a week.




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