Sunday, 22 July 2012

***keep_mailing*** Hadith: blowing on hands

Sahih Al Bukhari - Book of Medicine

Volumn 007, Book 071, Hadith Number 631.
Narated By 'Aisha RA : During the Prophet's PBUH fatal illness, he used to recite the Mu'auwidhat (Surat An-Nas and Surat Al-Falaq) and then blow his breath over his body. When his illness was aggravated, I used to recite those two Suras and blow my breath over him and make him rub his body with his own hand for its blessings." (Ma'mar asked Az-Zuhri: How did the Prophet use to blow? Az-Zuhri said: He used to blow on his hands and then passed them over his face.)


Blessed be the name of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour.
  Tabaraka ismu rabbika theealjalali waal-ikrami

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