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About 12 years back, in the outskirts of Kandahar in Afghanistan, a Red Cross worker from a western country  was waylaid by a group of Talibans. Their leader was a one legged person, for whom an artificial leg had been provided by the Red Cross. But he did not have any hesitation in shooting the Red Cross man dead as he belonged to another religion.  His family could not even get any insurance benefits as there was some minor security lapses from his side.  I certify the veracity of the incident as I was in Kandahar at that time. 


"  That is Islam in its true Islam is not sectarian nor "Ummati" only....but all encompassing and Universal faith !

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2016 17:04:01 +0000
Subject: [ ::: Black heart (cards)Keep_MailingBlack heart (cards) ::: ]™ THIS CALLED HUMANITY

                                       This is an amazing picture: 
Abdul Raheem, an Afghan soldier who lost both his hands in war,
received a pair of hands from Joseph of Kerala who had suffered brain death. 
Joseph's wife and daughter are looking at the hands that once caressed them. 
The transplant surgery was performed by 
Dr Subramanian Iyer (blue shirt) of the Amrita Hospital, Kerala.  

 A Hindu doctor - 
a Christian organ-donor
 - a Muslim recipient - 
that's humanity! 
That is Pluralism !
 That is Islam in its true sense...
as Islam is not sectarian nor "Ummati" only....
but all encompassing and Universal faith !

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