Saturday, 3 June 2017

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Don't ever mess around with your Mother

A typical Tamil Brahmin mother from Chennai (a "Tam-bram" … oh...they are particularly SMART ! ) went to visit her son working in the US. 

On arrival at his flat  (Sorry, apartment) , she was shown her bedroom and was made comfortable. 
At the dinner table, she was surprised to see a very pretty Indian girl sharing their meal. She felt a bit mystified but held her peace. Her son introduced the girl  properly, said she was sharing the apartment, and the food was cooked by her. The food was delicious and the girl was friendly and a good conversationalist.

Mother felt a little mollified but was still uneasy. She could not sleep very well that night.

The next morning, she cornered her son and demanded an explanation. 
The son assured her that it was quite commonplace  in the US for men and women to share an apartment; the girl had her own bedroom, and they had nothing funny going on between them. 

Hmm…if  you think this satisfied the Tam-bram mother, you have another think coming!?!

Her visit went off well and during that period, she also got quite  close to the girl and liked her immensely.

Anyway, at the end of her stay, just before she left, they had a  dinner in her honour. The girl laid out some silverware and outdid herself in the culinary department. 

The mother left the next morning. 

A month after that, she got a mail from the son saying, "Amma, there is something delicate I wish to mention to you.
You remember the farewell dinner we had for you? and Meena laid out some lovely silverware ? There is a silver plate missing from that set, and we can not find it anywhere. It was a gift from Meena's mother and Meena is a bit upset. Now, I am not saying you took it and I am saying you did not take it but I am just asking if you know anything about it."

The mother replied,
 "Son, tch tch…what a suspicious mind you have! You gave me an explanation about Meena's presence in your apartment. Now, I am not saying you are both "living" together. I am not saying you are not "living" together. All I am saying is, if Meena had been sleeping in her own bed, she would have found the silver plate under her pillow by now !!" 

Moral: Don't ever mess around with your mother, all you H1-B types ! 


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