Monday, 6 March 2017

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Every Tree Tells a Different Story 
Trees bring people together and create a happy atmosphere all around. Trees provide us with shade , nutrition, and relaxation as well. Trees play an important role in history, with some dating back thousands of years. Nearly all paintings or colorings done by children involve trees in them. Add a little happiness to your day with these 10 stunning images! 

1. Japanese White Pine (400 year old Bonsai Tree)


What truly makes this Bonsai Tree unique is the fact that it 
withstood the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. It might not be the oldest Bonsai Tree out there, but it is special. The Japanese White Pine remains on display at the National Bonsai Museum in Washington,  D.C.
2. Olive Tree (over 3,000 years old)
Olive Trees have long been associated as being branches of peace. The Tree of Vouves is estimated to be over 3,000 years and it's origin is in Crete. The olives from the tree are looked at in very high regards. 
3. Bristlecone Pine (over 4,840 years old)
Britlescone Pines are the oldest living organisms of any known species. They can be found in Nevada and date back nearly 5,000 years.
4. Circus Trees 

 Circus Trees are the brainchild of Swedish farmer Axel Erlandson. Erlandson wanted to give the trees a unique look that resembled a basket. The trees remain preserved at the Gilroy Gardens in California today as the centerpiece attraction.  
5. Chestnut Tree (over 4,000 years old)

The Chestnut tree has been in existence for over 4,000 years. The legend of the Hundred Horse Chestnut tells the story of how a queen was being accompanied by an army of 100 knights, and sought refuge inside the tree during a severe thunderstorm. 
6. Boab Tree

The origin of the Boab Tree begins in Western Australia, in the Derby area. The hollow trunk of the tree was once used as a prison to detain criminals. An interesting legend in Australian folklore. 
7. Montezuma Cypress (between 1,200 - 3,000 years old)


The Montezuma Cypress resides in Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas, but originates from Mexico. They date back nearly 1,200 to 3,000 years in existence. The Ahuehuete is sacred in Mexican culture and is said to represet a monarch's authority. 

8. Major Oak Tree (over 1,000 years old)
The story of the Major Oak Tree is quite an interesting one. It is said that the Major Oak in The Sherwood Forest was used as a secret hideout for Robin Hood. This particular Oak Tree dates back 1,000 years and can be found in the English region of Nottinghamshire.
9. Banyan Tree
The Banyan is a fig that begins to form on other tree trunks before fully matured. The Banyan eventually blends into the trees after rotting stage. The hollow appearance of the tree is directly attributed to the Banyan itself. The trees can be found in India as well. 
10. Giant Sequoia (between 2,300 - 2,700 years old)

The Giant Sequoia is one of the largest trees in the United States. It stands nearly 300 feet and is speculated to be between 2,300 to 2,700 years.

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