Tuesday, 29 October 2013

[ ::: ♥Keep_Mailing♥ ::: ]™ Giving the Right Advice

One of the kindergarten students asked his teen ager cousin to help him in writing essay on the subject "The Poor Family".
His cousin, son of a billionaire, wrote the essay like this:

            "Once upon a time, there was a poor family. Both husband and wife were very poor. They had two kids which were poor as well. All four servants were also poor. The 3 dogs of the house were also poor. The family didn't dine out for the last five days. One of the three  Mercedes was not serviced in last month. It was more than 6 months they didn't go out to another country for vacations. So in short they were very poor…"

The cousin made serious efforts in writing this essay but completely failed. His essay portrays the low level of comprehension about the subject he was asked to write about. Seems like he had never seen the real poor people in his life. Seems like he was never exposed to the financial crisis and complications of poor's lives in a practical way. So his mental paradigm to define the poorness was really terrible.

Let us transform this example on the adults to learn something:
1-      If you need advice on any subject, ask the wise. Ask the person with the relevant experience and knowledge. Professionally speaking, consultation to be done with the qualified professional having right expertise else there is a big chance for you to be misguided.
2-      Several times in your life, you are approached by your friends or colleagues for advice and you start speaking on the subject on the spot whether you have adequate knowledge about it or not. Don't do this by being explosive ! There is nothing wrong in confessing that you don't have good advice to give due to less or no knowledge on the subject . It is not obligatory for you to open your mouth on every single thing. Be vigilant in what you say because you might become the root cause for someone's failure. If time permits, investigate the subject, judge the situation, seek assistance from someone who is knowledgeable and trust worthy. 

Giving advice is a matter of honesty. Put yourself in their shoes, think wise and then provide constructive feedback or suggestions or criticism else you may lose your respect for life time !

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